Despite the advice of Fox News commentator, Steven Emerson, advisors to Donald Trump have said that there is a strong possibility that the so-called President’s main rally on his upcoming visit to the UK could be shifted to Birmingham.

In January 2015 Emerson, who described himself as a terrorism expert, committed an expert piece of terrorism by announcing on Fox News that “in Britain, there are actual cities, like Birmingham, that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims simply don’t go in.”

Although Mr Trump is roughly as popular among Muslim communities as a side of 6 month old pork, his advisors are insisting that the Midlands city will deliver a more sympathetic crowd.

The venue is not confirmed, but the Imam of a Mosque some 200 metres from the likeliest site informed the Rochdale Herald that, should Trump’s rally be held nearby, the muezzin of the Mosque would call the faithful to prayer through a Clair Global Cohesion PA system borrowed from Black Sabbath “at precisely the moment the tangerine gibbon opens his gob”.

However, confusion reigns slightly as it has  since been revealed that Trump’s advisors may have meant that he would get a more receptive crowd in Birmingham Alabama, which is in no way a city full of dangerous, heavily armed extremists.