Westminster fury as MPs told six week wait to process expenses claims

There were raucous scenes at Westminster yesterday as several MPs were advised that a new system for processing expenses meant a six week wait for reimbursement. “This is a scandal!” Terrance Loan, Con MP for...

Britain First Demands Mornington Crescent Be Renamed Mornington Cross

“If they want to have religious symbol in the name, they should rename it Mornington Cross, a proper Christian symbol, much more British,” Golding said.

We need another runway, but can’t we build it nearer poor people – says...

Perennial mayoral election loser and political wet weekend 'Whispering' Zac Goldsmith resigned his seat in Richmond today after Theresa May announced plans to build a third runway in his back garden.

ISIS withdraw from Iraq after Blair’s return to politics announcement

Tony Blair yesterday announced that he intended to fill a massive hole and that after that he'd return to British politics. In an interview he described Theresa May as "that fucking usless woman" and Jeremy...

Rats accuse Boris Johnson and David Davis of Cultural Appropriation

Yesterday following a heated meeting over Brexit David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned from their positions as Minister for Brexit and Foreign Secretary respectively. The quick succession of resignations from the Conservative cabinet has caused...
Theresa May

Theresa May shocked and disappointed by contents of freshly installed parliamentary suggestion box

Theresa May is said to be both shocked and disappointed this afternoon by the contents of the freshly installed parliamentary suggestion box. The box, made of walnut wood and inlaid with mother of pearl in...

Teenager born in 2000 looks forward to enjoying retiring in 2120

Today the government announced that plans to change to the state pension retirement age to 68 will take effect in 2037, 7 years earlier than initially planned. The changes were due to take effect for...

Corbyn’s reelection met with scenes of ecstatic jubilation

There were scenes of unprecedented jubilation at the news of the corduroy communist Corbyn's reelection at Downing Street today. A spokes-Sloan for the Tory Party told us; "This is a great day for democracy and for...

Government announce £100m fund to eradicate park benches and electrify shop doorways

Housing and Homeless Ministers announced a package of measures worth £100m to eradicate homelessness today. As part of the measures 4,751 park and town benches will be removed to be replaced by pop up kitchens,...
unhappy man

Beleavers still think they’re in with a chance of another Referendum

Since June 23 Brexiters led by an enraged Nigel Farage haven't stopped moaning about the majority vote for Britain to remain in EU. "I don't care if it was 8% or 80%!" fumed Mr. Farage. "We...

Britain First’s meme maker in coma

As Poppy Day draws ever closer, the strain of making anti Muslim memes has proven to much for Britain First's head of social media, Tommy (No knuckles) Smith, and yesterday he fell off his right-wing...

America To Be Renamed Trumptopia

Donald Trump has announced a new step in his plan to make America great again - he's renaming it after himself. In a press conference, he told the assembled reporters, "look, America Ves-whatshisname did a...

Theresa May to hold referendum on soft, medium or hard Brexit

Unelected ghost of Thatcher, Theressa May, Prime Minister, announced the news earlier today; "The ballot will be simple" she said. "There's three boxes, soft, medium or hard." A full explanation of the options are available...

Gove says public ‘sick and tired’ of so-called legal experts…

Following the successful legal challenge to Brexit, Michael Gove has said that the public are "sick and tired" of so-called legal experts being high court judges. "Say what you like about mob rule and lynchings...",...
Michael Gove

Being interviewed about your job is a bit like being raped, says chinless toad

The United Kingdom has apologised "unreservedly" for making Michael Gove a Cabinet Minister after he compared being raped to being a bit like being politely asked questions about his job during an interview on Radio...
Executioner with axe

U.S. prepares for Steve Bannon’s execution

Following an interview in which Steve Bannon compared himself to Tudor-era royal adviser Thomas Cromwell, America is making hasty preparations for the execution of Donald Trump’s freshly appointed chief strategist.  Trump's office has been inundated with...

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