MPs from all parties and from all areas of Britain are being called upon by smug triumphalists to deliver a near unanimous vote in favour of triggering Article 50.

“Stands to reason, dunnit?” said Kevin Giblets, an unemployed plasterer from Penge. “We all voted for Brexit so the MPs all have to.” Our Herald reporter queried whether, if an MP genuinely believed leaving would be a disaster, they were not duty bound under the Burkean concept of representational democracy to vote against?  Mr Giblets responded “But… Brexit!”

We pressed further, asking about MPs who represent constituencies which voted to remain and whether their MPs voting for Brexit would not be a fundamental perversion of democracy. Mr Giblets replied “But… Brexit!”

We finally put forward the clear position that a Parliamentary vote in favour, by something like 575-75 on an issue decided by a margin of less than 4%, could only be seen as ‘democracy’ by an educationally subnormal hamster.

Mr Giblets opined “But … Brexit!”