Excitement at a Rochdale school is building after pupils discovered there are only 4 more Prime Ministers until Christmas.

One teacher at the Robert Mugabe Academy told us, “It’s been insane all morning. They just won’t settle down. We were trying to do our times tables this morning and all anyone could do was talk about how there are only 4 more Prime Ministers until Christmas. It’s really quite distracting.”

It’s understood the children will have a special assembly later today to discuss why Britain has so many Prime Ministers.

Head Teacher Orla Board told us, “It’s important that children learn about citizenship so this is the perfect time to explain how the country works to them. Hopefully the lunch ladies will drop some Diazepam in their lunches so we can all get a bit of peace this afternoon.”

One excited 7 year old told us, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeyy, wwwahhhhhhhhhhay.”

Interestingly today also marked the point at which there will be fewer than 30 UKIP leaders for the rest of 2018. This event is believed to be being celebrated with a punch up in Wtherspoons.