Amber Rudd

One in the eye for Tories as Rudd loses Hastings seat

Amber Rudd tonight accepted a role as full-time spokesperson for Theresa May. The Herald asked Amber what caused her seat to turn Red, and she advised: "In my capacity as Shadow Prime Minister, I was quite...

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Hearse

The Rochdale Herald has learned that ITV plans to make drastic changes to the format of next year's 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here'. The number of actual celebrities appearing in the popular reality...

New guy at work definitely up to something

Employees from a Rochdale conservatory company have been explaining how a new employee is definitely up to something. Simon Simpson started on Monday and told us, "It's been good so far. Everyone is really...

Petition to stop The Simpsons writing ‘Katie Hopkins becoming PrimeMinister’ episode reaches 65 million...

Creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, announced in an interview last week that he was planning an episode  in which human bile balloon, Katie Hopkins, becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The 'joke' came...
Elderly couple

Daily Express forecasts two feet of dead pensioners will fall in Central London by...

The Daily Express has warned readers that 20% of them will die this week because of the "Beast from the east". Pensioner, Stan Still said, "It's come as a bit of a shock. I've had...

Dig for Victory, says Corbyn facing Brexit economic doom

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition and the second coming Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, has set about his first week back in parliament sacking anyone who opposes the government. He has also...

Zuckerberg assures Facebook have absolutely no information about your STD

It's a sore subject that can become inflamed easily but there's an itch that needs to be scratched. In the wake of the fall out from the data protection controversy surrounding Facebook, under fire social...

Aliens call off attack due to lack of funny title for this article

Giant brain-sucking aliens from the R33-Delta 1 Q’Luurfb system have put back their planned invasion of the planet Earth we can exclusively reveal today. The green, eight-fingered, slimy Q’Luurfbians had planned to invade this coming...
We're all going to die

We’re all going to die after Brexit, confirms Philip Hammond

Remain voters around the country are said to be absolutely furious to learn that every single person who voted to remain in the European Union will die after the Brexit negotiations are concluded. They are...

Make America Great Again

We keep hearing Donald saying he's going to make America great again, sounds good to us but we were curious to find out when precisely it was great. So we asked Douglas to do some...

Lukaku leaves second best club in Liverpool for second best club in Manchester

Lukaku is thought to be worth approximately 50m but has signed for United with an additional premium unofficially known as the 'United surcharge'. Lukaku's agent, Rob Grubber explained "It's coz they's loaded innit? Everyone...

Farage takes on Eurovision

In a shock move today, the rubber faced, racist, people's champion Nigel Farage has announced his intentions to represent Great Britain in next year's Eurovision Song Contest . Herr Farage, who has been a long...
Bitch face

Resting Bitch Face to be renamed Resting Just Sick of Your Shit Face

It seems that testing conditions, designed to mimic working in an average open plan office space, may have coloured the subjects' results. "It wasn't that their neutral faces were 'bitchy', just that even within a short time of meeting us, they were already just sick of our shit."

Apple announce the launch of the new iPhone Glitch-delivering all of the ‘Out of...

Apple today announced a new generation of iPhone: The iPhone Glitch. The new iPhone Glitch will deliver today all of the update-delivered ‘enhancements’ that customers have previously had to wait for their Warranty to lapse...

Hipster MP demanding new laws be written on slate

We just tell all the farmers growing baby cows to leave them alone to live as they did in the wild. They can all start mining slate. Any excess they have they can sell to the restaurants in their area for use as napkins and plates.

Gary Lineker to present MOTD in bejewelled jockstrap if BBC scrap gender pay gap

Following the release of salaries of high profile staff at the BBC one of the highest paid stars has vowed to make a stand. Former England captain, TV presenter, people's Poet, sliced potato salesman and...

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