Donald Trump Wig

‘News media so fake’ says perma-tanned, toupee-wearing septuagenarian

The world's favourite orange leader has been ranting about his pet hate once again. The issue of so-called “Fake news” is now well within the public consciousness, primarily thanks to the man who looks...
Trump Child

Department of Justice confirms that Trump will be tried as an adult

The Department of Justice has confirmed that if and when Donald Trump is indicted for colluding with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election he will have to stand trial as an adult. The U.S. Department...

Isis Claims Responsibility for Education Fair Funding Formula Terror

In a shock announcement this morning, that surprised no one, a spokes-stool for Isis (other names are available) claimed credit for the proposed funding changes to schools in England. "Our education policy sub-committee has...

Spicer denies Flynn worked as National Security Advisor, Trump demands Flynn’s birth certificate

The Trump administration has attempted to erase any indication that Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. General and former National Security Advisor for the administration, worked in his position or even existed.  At a press conference on February 14,...

Your 60 second news round-up

Here's The Rochdale Herald's round-up of today's important news headlines: - UKIP leader's girlfriend is a nasty little racist - Nicola Sturgeon backs a second Scottish Independence Referendum - Jeremy Corbyn doesn't back a second Brexit Referendum -...
Four Horsemen

Four horsemen of the modern apocalypse revealed to be Fire, Fury, Sad and Fake

In a move designed to drag them kicking and screaming into the new era, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are to be retired and replaced with personifications more fitting the mood of global...

Turning Trump off and on again doesn’t seem to have done any good

The White House Head of IT has expressed his heightened concern that the Presidency could be heading for a critical outage. Head of IT Maurice Moss explained his concern today that White House bandwidth has...

Russia urges foreign powers not to meddle in their U.K. elections

The Russian Government has urged all nations to refrain from interfering in its UK elections. A spokesman told us, "We are very worried about other countries meddling in the UK elections. How can...

James Bond producers buzzing about Putin’s Cold War reboot

The producers of the James Bond movie franchise are said to be absolutely over the moon about Vladimir Putin's recent decision to reboot the Cold War.

Trump Admits ‘I’d Actually Prefer Snowden To Farage’

President-elect Donald Trump revealed today that although he had expressed a preference for Nigel Farage as UK ambassador to the USA, this was a case of his "head ruling his penis".  "Although Nigel would be...
Freddie Mercury and Brian May

Britain First drop ‘We Will Rock You’ theme on learning Freddie Mercury’s Indian heritage

In a documentary about the life and death of Freddie Mercury, which recently aired on the biffer TV network, Channel 5, it was pointed out that the legendary Queen frontman, whose birth name was Farrokh...

Bellend backs International Women’s Day by stopping sexist jokes for 24 Hours

A Rochdale man has received praise worldwide for the noble idea of celebrating International Women's Day by boldly telling no sexist jokes for the entire day. High ranking Crayola salesman Manfred Ladabie, 36, who spends...

David Duke retracts Trump endorsement saying no room for “locker room banter” in politics

In sensational news today David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan, has withdrawn his support for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.
Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks confirms rework of The Producers starring Donald Trump about to climax

Veteran comic Mel Brooks, 91, has confirmed that his ambitious live action show, The President, will end shortly with a musical impeachment. Speaking at a rare public appearance as a guest of Dave Chappelle...
Trump Airplane

Carolinians told to evacuate to avoid category 4 Trump visit

Residents of the US State of Carolina have been warned to evacuate due to the threat of a category 4 visit from Donald Trump. State Governor, Stiffney Audio Science Atlanta IV told us said, "We're currently...

Sex Workers to sue Daily Mail for comparing them to Melania Trump

Millions of sex workers are suing right wing rag, The Daily Mail, after they referred to Melania Trump as a "former sex worker" in an article about her immigration status. "Listen, despite us providing an...

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