In a completely expected turn of events, a moron has fired the moron who called him a moron and replaced him with, presumably, another moron.

The former Oil executive who was the entire US State Department and a slightly less moronic moron than the moron who fired him, had reportedly called the other moron a ‘fucking moron’ after observing him trying to tie his own shoe laces.

The sacking comes a day after he had offered his support to beleaguered industrial grade moron and UK Prime Minister over the attempted murder, with military grade nerve gas, of the former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal, which is widely believed to have been orchestrated by Moscow.

“Obviously we don’t need a state department with a huge summit with North Korea and an investigation into Russian election tampering looming.” A spokesmoron for The White House told The Rochdale Herald.

“It’s also a complete coincidence that Mr Tillerson implicated the Russians in the poisoning of that bloke in the UK.”

Rex Tillerson was unavailable for comment, Trump on the other hand won’t shut up.