Obi Wan Kenobi

‘What happened on Alderaan was terrible but I condemn the violence done by all...

Obi Wan Kenobi, under pressure from Yoda and other members of the ghost Jedi Council to condemn the destruction of Alderaan, has issued a statement saying that he "condemns the violence on both sides." Many...
Theresa May

Theresa May admits using ‘BREXOMATHICS’ to calculate number of overstaying foreign students

"It's so simple, you take a real number and keep doubling it until everyone's eyes light up," explained May pointing out that it worked splendidly for calculating the amount of money the UK doesn't...

Secret Service distance themselves from Trump’s Twitter account

The Secret Service, the department responsible for the security of the US President, has taken steps to distance themselves from Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Hurricane Harvey considered least destructive 2020 presidential candidate

In an attempt to win back votes from the orange-painted tweeting shitangutan, the Democrats have turned to Hurricane Harvey to stand as their candidate for 2020. Harvey, which is expected to tear across Texas causing...
Trump in a barrel

American lawmakers to submerge Donald Trump in barrel of water to see if he...

It was announced today via The USA news site that Donald Trump will be immersed in a barrel of water to see if he floats. The operation is part of what are called ‘Presidential Witch...

‘The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a car, is a...

"You want this sort of thing to happen less often? You don’t need to ban cars, you need to ban piece of sh*t, Nazi-sympathising, race-hating, white supremacist assh*les from marching through city streets with burning torches," said one Antifa protestor.

Outrage as American woman forced to wear hijab

Supporters of Donald Trump's travel ban have been outraged by this picture of a white American woman who has been forced to wear a hijab. Although the identity of the woman remains unclear, it has...

Trump rage over #takeafinger protests

Donald Trump has demanded "they fire these sons of bitches" over the growing #takeafinger protests. A woman pictured raising her middle finger toward Trump's motorcade has reportedly been fired from her job over the photograph. The...
Trump Walking

Trump’s cognitive ability is normal, says White House vet

WASHINGTON: The actual real-life US President Donald Trump has achieved a normal score on a cognitive exam and is in excellent fettle, although he could benefit from a course of worming tablets and being...

Russian spies were visiting world famous Dutch ski resorts

A group of alleged Russian spies who were apprehended in Holland have said they were there learning to ski on the world famous Dutch ski slopes. In an interview on Russia today one said, "We...
Ivanka and Donald Trump

Ivanka says: I Could Be The Pretty President After G20 Power Play

Speculation is rife in Washington D.C. that Ivanka Trump is pondering throwing her hat in the ring for the 2020 Presidential election circus.    After taking President Daddy Trump's seat at the top table during...
Red Hat

Angry terrorist given away by distinctive red hat

An angry teenager with the mental age of an eleven year old suspected of international terrorism offences has been arrested because he was wearing a distinctive red hat that matched one captured in CCTV...

Halloween pumpkin mistaken for President Trump

The embarrassing incident occurred after Ivanka left the pumpkin in the Oval Office. A meeting of President Trump’s closest advisors failed to realise that it was a jack o’lantern in the chair, not the...
Steve Bannon

Crazy bastard calls crazy bastard a crazy bastard

A crazy bastard who works in the White House has accused a former employee of being a crazy bastard. The crazy bastard apparently "disavowed' the crazy bastard after he was quoted in a new book...
International Thundercunt

Trump claims their is good people on both sides of grammar nazi debate

President Trump has weighed into the grammer nazi debate by claiming their is good people on both sides. Discussions and arguments about correct use of grammar rage across the internet with many people specialising in...

Colombia fears double dip recession following death of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Government officials in Colombia have issued warnings of a double dip recession following the death of former "it girl" Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Former socialite and darling of the tabloids Palmer-Tomkinson was found dead in her...

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