The President Elect reportedly ordered a vast amount of the interconnecting bricks earlier today.

LEGO CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, said; “Obviously we are thrilled to recieve our biggest ever order of LEGO and this can only be a good thing for the future of US and Danish relations.”

No one is quite sure why Mr. Trump has ordered such a vast amount of LEGO but it does coincide with him making a request to The Secretary of State for a list of Mexican children living with unemployed parents in America, leading some to speculate that he has a plan for his new border wall.

A close ally of Mr. Trump, who wishes to remain anonymous said;

“The people of Russia and I are thrilled that Mr. Trump will become President of The United States allowing both of our countries to move forward in harmony.”

He continued;

“The first few months will be a testing time for Donny because as a new leader there are lots of promises he will have to fulfil. Obviously some things were said just to get votes, like his ‘giant wall’ idea. It’s stupid, verging on impossible and a waste of money. I jokingly said to him that he’d have been better off giving Mexican kids a load of LEGO and asking them to build his wall, that way he could blame them when they fail!”