Michael Gove

Gove cast as Tick-Tock in Rupert Murdoch’s adaption of ‘Peter Pan’

An all star cast is to appear in seasoned stage director Rupert Murdoch's new adaptation of the J. M. Barrie classic 'Peter Pan'. Michael Gove has been cast as Tick-Tock, Theresa May as Captain Hook...
Unhappy Writer

Writing satire ‘not even possible anymore’

Authors of satirical magazines and websites across the globe have confirmed that reality has now overtaken the worst piss-taking they could ever imagine. "Donald Trump has made all my efforts redundant" confides Daily Mash contributor...
Bored Cat And Dog

Wheelie Bin Cat purr-sues new career as guard dog trainer

Lola the ninja feline, from Coventry, was once again discovered in a rather strange location. This time it was in a Romford working men’s club on Tuesday afternoon showing a PowerPoint presentation to a...

Last week’s news roundup

Head of Britain First, Paul Golding, was arrested and sentenced to prison for obsessively visiting places he supposedly hates. He reportedly hates prison too so he should be in his element. The thick bastard. A...

Ransomware means government absolutely definitley needs to read your Snapchat

The recent ransomware attack on the NHS and many others across the world definitely means that GCHQ need to read your email, announced the government today. "We definitely have to have access to all...
US Military

Trump mobilizes Military to defend against Hurricane Irma with ‘fire and fury’

As hurricane Irma makes it's way west towards the coast of Florida, president Donald Trump has issued a declaration of war on the weather and has ordered the United States Army to defend Florida...

Quentin Letts launches #StopFundingReasonableness campaign

Quentin Letts, which is a name you may have heard, without actually knowing what it is, is apparently a man, and not an upper middle class estate agency. Letts, 54, writes about politics for the...

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