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Trump to take Twitter attacks on the road

Donald Trump is to embark on a lengthy world tour in January, to ensure he can insult world leaders who don't follow him...

Power Hungry Admins Have New Axe To Wield

With the advent of the all new ‘mute button’, passive, aggressive bitches everywhere are in their element. We spoke to one such angry woman,...
Toddler Prisoner

Government plans to lower age of criminal responsibility to 2 YEARS OLD

To help with the deficit, the government will be lowering the age of criminal responsibility to 2. The age of criminal responsibility is currently...
Angry man

Racists are pussies

We've all seen the stories. Hate crime has risen exponentially since some of the country voted to leave the EU. We decided to talk...
Aunty Angela

Aunty Angela’s Agony Corner

Dear Aunty Angela, I think my husband is cheating on me. We've been married for 15 years. He works in advertising and his job requires...
Royal Family

United Kingdom gobsmacked as child turns four

It was announced yesterday, with the publication of an official photograph, that a child is turning four today. We spoke to anthropologist, Dr Kay Smallbones...

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