• China Is the World’s Third Largest Country yet it Has Only One Time Zone • Over 4,000 Chinese Children Are Named ‘Olympic Games’ • India Produces 12 Million Tons of Mangoes Every Year • It’s Illegal to Be Fat in Japan • In India, You Eat with Your Right Hand and Wipe with the Left • All Vietnamese Share the Same Birthday • It’s Possible to Buy Canned Fresh Air in China • The Thai Celebrate New Years with Water Pistols • Newborns in Solapur are Thrown from a 50 Foot Tower for Good Luck •

Jeremy Hunt China

You lot all look the same to me, Jeremy Hunt tells wife and Chinese...

The UK's new foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt admitted yesterday that he can't tell his wife apart from the Chinese Foreign Minister because they both have those eyes that "look a bit funny." Mr Hunt made...

Iain Duncan Smith appointed to North Korean Cabinet

Within the last hour, the North Korean Central News Agency has confirmed the appointment of Iain Duncan Smith as its new ‘Secretary for the Distribution of the DPRK’s Wealth Amongst Its Beloved People’.  North Korean...
Kim Jong Un Submarine

M.A.S.H. theme “Suicide is Painless” to be covered in gangnam style by Kim Jong-un

State media sources inside The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea shouted the news this morning that Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is to release a cover version of “Suicide is Painless”. The original song was...
Kim Jong-un

Russia and China back UN call for Kim Jong Un to be sent to...

The UN has finally received the backing of both Mummy and Daddy as Russia and China backed the call for serious punishment to be applied to Kim Jong Un of North Korea. A UN spokesman...

All your medals belong to us – Says China

As the country basks in the glory of Team GB's second place in the Olympic medal table, China released a press statement saying, "The People's Republic of China wishes to congratulate the British team for...
Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-Un to get star makeover.

In a bid to reclaim his slipping crown of clown demagogue, South Korean leader Kim Jong Un is to appear in his new celebrity makeover show "Pimp my Mullet". The recent election win of Donald...

North Korean media reports North Korea has won the World Cup

North Korea has won the World Cup despite not qualifying for the tournament. At least that's what the north Korean media has said today. North Korean journalist, Ban-Kim Han-Kim said, "We bring you news of...

Trump and Kim Jong Un to meet on Love Island

A rearranged summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will take place on Love Island.  The news comes amid speculation that a high ranking military official from North Korea is visiting the US in...

Disney Confirm Little Mermaid Killed By North Korean Missile Launch

Within the past few minutes the Walt Disney Company has released a statement confirming that Ariel, the Little Mermaid, was killed during Wednesday's North Korean missile launch. Disney provided that Ariel, who had been visiting...

Pakistani woman sentenced to death for insulting Harry Potter

A woman in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for insulting the fictional character, Harry Potter. The woman's lawyer told us, "This woman deeply insulted Harry Potter whilst at a neighbours house. She said that Hufflepuff was...

?Kim Jong Un invents universal cure

The secretive state of North Korea has managed to cure most illnesses from the common cold to cancer, it has been revealed. Ishit Yu Not, a 33-year-old North Korean doctor with a gun to his...

Patriotic Brexiteer spends £60M on Singapore homes after saving £60M in UK Corporation Tax

Patriotic billionaire Brexiteer, Singapore resident and tax exile James Dyson has just bought a £26M bungalow in Singapore weeks after buying a Penthouse in Singapore for £43M. "Brexit is going to be brilliant for UK...

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