In a further act of provocation, North Korea says it has conducted yet another controversial social message test.

The claim was bellowed out over the regime’s single television channel by an announcer, standing without a lazy Westerner’s chair and shouting like the viewers were hard of hearing.

The regime of the family-member-murdering telly tubby, Kim Jong Un, claimed the leader managed to send an asinine SMS message from his HQ in Pyongyang.

The message was said to consist of the text string;


US analysts have confirmed an SMS message was detected emanating from the N Korean Peninsula, but have downplayed the cretinous nature of the transmission. A Pentagon source told us;

“Our S Korean partners DID detect an electronic SMS alert last Tuesday, but they assure us it was not a fully capitalised blurb.

“There was good spelling, punctuation and it was still a heavily formalised message praising the leader.

“The N Koreans remain incapable of straying from the strict rules and protocols of ritualised demagogue worship.”

More shockingly though, the N Koreans have bragged they are just months away from having the capacity to launch utter moron level Tweets, with the capacity to reach the Western seaboard of the US.

If true, we could be looking at the possibility of a full scale Tweet-off between Jong Un and the US president Donald Trump. Such a scenario could see social media overwhelmed with utter vacuousness on a scale that would mark the end of civilisation.

In response, Donald Trump Tweeted;

“If China can’t fix N Korea I will! Kim has stupid hair. Stupid ! POTUS best Tweeter ever!”

In a related story, a military parade through the streets of the N Korean capital has been reported displaying dozens of Facebook likes on the back of military transport vehicles. More on this as it develops.