A rearranged summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will take place on Love Island. 

The news comes amid speculation that a high ranking military official from North Korea is visiting the US in an effort to rearrange the summit that POTATUS cancelled last week.

North Korean correspondent, Ban-ki Han-ki said, “Kim’s been really upset since Donald started ignoring him. He was all up for meeting POTATUS but didn’t want to seem too keen. In an effort to not appear keen he started saying nasty things to Trump. Really he was just being mean because they love each other so much.”

It’s alleged that should the meeting go ahead both parties will be flown to Love Island to appear on the show next month.

ITV spokesman, Stan Still said, “They’ll have a day getting to know each other by going on a date together. Golf was suggested but we’d have to redevelop quite a lot of the island. Instead, they’ll spend a day doing pottery. It’ll be fun watching tiny hands doing that as it’ll encourage teamwork.”

The spokesman went on, “After their daytime activity they’ll have an evening meal. They’ll be provided suits. We hear that Trump is 6′ 10″ so we’ll get a specially made suit for him. He’ll just look like a boy wearing his dad’s suit but he wants to pretend he’s taller than James Comey.”

It’s understood that ITV have managed to source a series of Dr Evil suits for Kim.

The pair are expected to compare missiles on the love balcony following the meal. They’ll then be interviewed about how the meeting went.

It’s expected that following their date they’ll be close for a couple of days before deciding they hate each other and refusing to speak to each other before one of them gets voted off by the public.