POTUS and orange spacehopper Donald Trump has reacted angrily to the first North Korean missile test since he took office.

The massive and overwhelming response was a Tweet, so destructive that 140 characters are feared lost in the attack. In a break from Trumpian Twitter protocol, the tweet actually consisted of coherent words, and a YouTube video featuring him and Japan’s premier Shinzo Abe telling North Korea off for being very naughty.

Trump reiterated that in the event of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, the US would be standing behind Japan, roughly 10,000 km behind them.

One of our reporters has managed to contact an official at the North Korean embassy in London, a suburban-looking house just off the North circular ring road in west London (we kid you not). When asked for a reaction to the tweet he replied;

“What is a tweet?”

Any further developments in this ongoing nuclear Twitter war will be reported here first in the Herald.very briefly of course.