In a bid to reclaim his slipping crown of clown demagogue, South Korean leader Kim Jong Un is to appear in his new celebrity makeover show “Pimp my Mullet”.

The recent election win of Donald Trump has made the ‘absurdist demagogue coiffure’ look the hottest new trend and started a hairstyle arms race.

The new show will feature Kim selecting the hairdresser of his choice, with failed competitors being immediately led off to be shot (“you’re literally fired”). The lucky winner will be tasked with forming the master’s hair into a mountain-sized hair slick and managing the military staff and supply lines to maintain the creation, along with specifically dedicated hair worshippers.

Speculated new hairstyles for the leader are said to be the same “oil hedge” one but much higher, wider and squarer or the Mickey Mouse Mao supreme – with its two distinct “ears” atop the scalp.

South Korean critics are already falling over themselves to call this the best television series that has ever been created.