The UN has finally received the backing of both Mummy and Daddy as Russia and China backed the call for serious punishment to be applied to Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

A UN spokesman said ‘This is the sixth time young Un has been caught playing with nuclear matches. Added to the balls he keeps kicking into Mr and Mrs Japan’s back garden and what we have is a very naughty boy indeed.”

“We have finally got his parents, Mr Putin and Mrs Xi to agree that this sort of behaviour is neither big nor clever.”

Mr Putin said ‘Kim will be sent to bed without any supper for the next week and if this does not work we will take away his pocket money and stop his sweetie allowance.”

When asked if this would halt North Korea’s nuclear program, Kim retorted “Shan’t! Can’t make me! You’re not the boss of me.” He then asked if we had any lollipops or functioning ballistic guidance systems.