Mr Tumble suspended by the BBC as he does not have a current CRB...

An urgent investigation has been launched after the BBC was forced to suspend all shows across their network that include the massively-popular Mr Tumble - this includes Something Special, a programme with millions of...

BBC to put Sir David Attenborough in a ‘stasis chamber’

The specialist chamber housing Sir David Attenborough was created by NASA for long haul space travel and would have allowed Astronauts to be put into a special suspended animation field. The field works by essentially...

Study finds 112% of people can’t tell difference between real and fake news

A study by the prestigious department of Idiocy and General Fuckwittery at the World famous Rochdale Community University has revealed that between 111% and 112% of all people who use social media can't tell the difference between real and fake news.

Laura Kuenssberg to train North Korean propaganda journalists

Gajja Ileum, a journalist for the Korean Worker's Party, has travelled from Pyongyang to London for a 2 week intensive training course in State Propaganda with the BBC. "It's astonishing how blatantly bias the BBC is. I've...
Ancient text

Daily Mail claim Koran found propping up wobbly table leg in Thomas Mair’s kitchen

In a shocking turn of events, the Daily Mail have claimed police forensics have revealed to them that during the investigation into Thomas Mair they recovered a mysterious foreign book at the house of...

Charlie Brooker commits suicide whilst writing his 2016 Wipe

The much loved satirist repeatedly smashed his face into his own coffee table whilst reading through a draft of his hugely anticipated show. In the annual show, Brooker was famous for dissecting the previous year...

Rochdale Herald issues cease and desist warning against The Southend News Network

The editorial department at The Rochdale Herald was in uproar this afternoon after one of the biggest names in satirical local news blatantly ripped off their ripped off meme of Jeremy Corbyn on an...

Man with giant head appears on Ch4’s Grand Designs

A man with an unusually massive head denies he's up his own arse after appearing on channel 4s Grand Designs. The house featured the widest doorway ever seen on a modern structure. Modest businessman Colin...
Brown Paper Bag

Sun to be sold in paper bag

The Sun newspaper is to be sold with a free brown paper bag from next week, it was revealed on that Twitter thingy today. “From now on you can look at tits and right wing...

Telegraph journalist executes her integrity with call to murder politician

Sane people all over the country were horrified, but largely unsurprised, that right-wing publication the Daily Telegraph had called for a political leader to be unlawfully killed. The offensive, rabble-rousing article was written by...

Daily Mail editor on suicide watch as rumours of Mo Farah knighthood circulate

There are genuine fears for the editor of The Daily Mail after a Somali born Muslim Immigrant ran to a double double victory at the Rio Olympics securing the title of Britain's greatest ever...

Daily Mail website wins ISIS award for services to Jihad

ISIS have awarded the Daily Mail website,, its prestigious Jihadi Of The Year Award. This is the first time the sought after prize, known as the Golden Suicide Vest, has been awarded to a...
Bomb Squad

Suspicious package at Daily Mail confirmed as charity collection box

The suspicious package at Daily Mail HQ is a charity collection box for Syrian refugees.  No-one is quite sure how it got there but it’s been confirmed by security services to contain nothing but 16p and a sweet...

Daily Mail Readers confused more toddlers haven’t walked alone to UK from Syria

Daily Mail Readers are confused more toddlers haven't walked the 2,000 miles to Calais from Syria.
Prince Philip

Prince Philip to star in new season of The Walking Dead

There are rumours circulating today that Prince Philip will get a central role in a new series of, The Walking Dead. The show depicts characters trying to stay alive following a zombie apocalypse....

Brian Cox apologises for insisting Things Can Only Get Better

Astrologer to the stars Professor Brian Cox has finally come clean about his greatest fib told way back in 1993.

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