Exciting new changes are afoot in the world of Cartoons today, with a children’s favourite set for a spectacular modern makeover.

Creators of the famous children’s cartoon Peppa Pig confirmed the eponymous star will be retired to make way for a new Halal friendly character called Cara Camel.

The move probably comes after some marketing genius found conclusive evidence that many young Muslim children were refusing to watch the show due to pork being forbidden in Islam, PC gone mad etc.

Show executives excitedly confirmed that further changes were afoot – aside from Peppa’s genus swap from Porky Piglet to Delightful Dromedary, the show will also take a new religious turn, with Cara set to convert to Islam in the first episode, and finish all new episodes by encouraging children to pray to Mecca to better promote understanding of the Muslim faith.

While various EDL members were unable to comment as their heads simultaneously exploded upon hearing the news, Equality groups were absolutely delighted, with lead campaigner from ‘Diversity In Cartoons’ (DIC) Betty Blanket tweeting – ‘Fantastic news re Peppa Pig’s conversion. All we need to do now is convince Noddy & Big Ears to finally come out as a couple, and we’ll have destroyed everyone’s childhoods!”‘

Muslim Ahmed Khan, however, seemed rather more perplexed. ‘I don’t know anyone of any faith mentally unhinged enough to ban their children watching the adventures of a fictional pig, but it seems to suit the narrative of some genius somewhere, so whatever.’