Tony Blair, one half of iconic comedy duo The World Leaders, has been honoured with the prestigious Lincoln Leadership in Comedy Prize with particular mention going to his role in ‘The Special Relationship’.

Tony, who began as a solo act in the U.K. with his now-famous ‘Pretty straight kind of guy’ skit, found himself a household name on both sides of the Atlantic after partnering with American funnyman George Bush.

The pair quickly gained a huge following due to their mixing of unscripted chaos and smooth wordplay, with Tony often acting as the straight-man to George’s irrepressible buffoon.

The judging panel pointed to the timeless nature of the humour which regularly influences modern programme makers, particularly war correspondents and humanitarian agencies.

At the head of the judging panel was Alastair Campbell. He described Tony as a “right funny c*nt who could write anything from the outrageous ‘Dodgy Dossier’ to the absolute farce of ‘The Chilcot Inquiry’. The guy could get away with murder”.

Tony Blair unfortunately could not collect the award in person as there was no cash prize.