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Aging pop acts battle over who inspired Storm Caroline

As reports develop of the latest weather front to hit the UK, it appears that a storm is brewing in the music world that's...

X distances itself from factor

For over a decade, the "talent" show that has built false hope in thousands and eroded the entertainment values of millions has been hit...
Farm Animals

Animals vote that MPs can’t feel pain or emotion

Following rejection by Parliament of the EU treaty to recognise animals as sentient beings, The Rochdale Herald has learned of a reaction by the...
Mrs Brown's Boys

Mrs Brown’s Boys accused of hiding all their funny jokes in offshore accounts

Following recent reports that members of the cast of inexplicably popular BBC "comedy" Mrs Brown's Boys have funds stored in offshore tax havens, The...

House of Commons to close for week to hold UK Cat Herding Championships

Following months of political turmoil in the UK and the shining example of incompetence that is the brexit negotiations, the political landscape is now...

ISIS claim extended warranty back on their washing machine

As the days pass and we see more and more terror attacks throughout the world, even though some aren't called that by the media...
Trump White House

Alphabet distances itself from Trump

Following the 45th POTUS' increasingly alarming and inaccurate claims, statements and threats, it seems that one particular organisation has had enough. The Alphabet released a...

Prince William’s asking about legalizing drugs “for a friend”

Following news today that Prince William asked various drug users about their views on current drug laws, The Rochdale Herald was approached by a...

George Osborne seen in Waitrose buying fava beans and a nice Chianti

Following news reports of comments made by Old Screw Eyes, former chancellor of the Exchequer, serial job hoarder and moneybags George Osborne, it appears...

London prime ministerial fatberg is too strong and stable to shift

Following the news that a massive lump of fat, plastic and waste material is blocking London's sewer works, the Rochdale Herald spoke to an...
Ant and Dec

I’m A Celebrity host seen tampering with a parachute following announcement that K***e H*****s...

Following the shock decision to give Ms Hopkins, who has been sacked from numerous broadcasting jobs because of her wordhole, a spot on one...

Gary Lineker to present MOTD in bejewelled jockstrap if BBC scrap gender pay gap

Following the release of salaries of high profile staff at the BBC one of the highest paid stars has vowed to make a stand. Former...
Doctor Who

New Doctor Who to charge for consultations according to Jeremy Hunt

As science fiction fans eagerly await the announcement from the BBC about the identity of the umpteenth actor to play the timelord, The Rochdale...
Collection of London souvenirs

POTUS to “bring back some Brexit” as a souvenir from UK visit

It has recently been announced that Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States (POTUS) is to pay a state visit... Some chap who won...

Stormzy shuts up agent after transfer confusion

Following the glaring error made by Irish newspaper, The Herald (no relation) where a picture of the grime MC was used instead of Romelu...

Boris tweets ‘I’m safe’ after car crash interview

Britain's comedy foreign secretary, Boris “The Bewildered” Johnson, is lucky to be alive and well, tweeting “I’m safe!” just moments after his disastrous interview...

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