Following the glaring error made by Irish newspaper, The Herald (no relation) where a picture of the grime MC was used instead of Romelu Lukaku in the story about the players move to Manchester United, it appears that Stormzy’s agent has actually made plans for other football clubs to take on the “Gang signs and prayer”artist. And he is not happy about it. At all.

The Rochdale Herald got an exclusive interview with Stormzy and his agent, Ron Gimage, see transcription below:

Herald:”For the benefit of our readers so we know this is authentic, could you please state your name”

Stormzy : “Stormzy innit”

Herald : “And your agent, Mr Gimage, what is he doing here today”

Stormzy : “He is reppin, fucking reppin me. but he better get his shit together after this otherwise he will back to his old job of being a backup dancer.”


Agent: “Look , I only tried to capitalize and make the best of a bad situation and thought I would see if other premier league clubs were interested”

Stormzy: ” Just because a newspaper was lazy in its research and didn’t bother to check that it was me in a United top and not Romelu, which looked like a very insensitive act and upset me and others, doesn’t mean you can try and make money and get me to do something I don’t want to. I am politically motivated, big up JC, and a successful artist, and hopefully a good role model for yoof. I follow football, don’t want to be football”

Agent: “Ok man, I apologize, I think you need to calm down though, I think you getting too big for your b…”

Stormzy: “Shut up”