Following the release of salaries of high profile staff at the BBC one of the highest paid stars has vowed to make a stand.

Former England captain, TV presenter, people’s Poet, sliced potato salesman and scourge of the right wing media, Gary Lineker, has hit out at critics and promised to top his stunt of last year.

When his beloved Leicester City won the Premier League, he presented the next edition of the long running sports programme in a big baggy pair of white LCFC pants.

To make a stand against the chasm of difference in pay that has been highlighted today Lineker is going to take it up a notch or two.

In an exclusive phone call to The Rochdale Herald, he told us “Yeah, I realise I get a lot for what I do and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my pay is the story in certain areas of the media. I think everyone should be paid what they are worth for the job they do at the BBC.”

He went on to discuss other similar discrepancies: “And in the scheme of things, if we are talking about ridiculous gaps in pay, let’s look at the difference between the pay of the teams my program covers and the pay of the England and Scotland ladies teams who will playing live on channel four tonight.

Unfortunately, I don’t see equality anytime soon at the beeb but if it does happen then I will present MOTD in a gold, diamond encrusted codpiece for the whole show this time, eating a packet of 24 carat gold crisps. The diamonds will be stuck on with the tears of Piers Morgan.”