As reports develop of the latest weather front to hit the UK, it appears that a storm is brewing in the music world that’s set to overshadow the race for Christmas Number One.

It appears that fans and people close to two pop acts of yesteryear are at loggerheads as to which song inpsired the naming of the latest storm.

Our pop music correspondent, Pete Sinternational, told us that this debate could run and run.

“Its not going to blow over, strong feelings on both sides as to whether its the Status Quo song ‘Caroline’ or the Neil Diamond classic ‘Sweet Caroline’. I imagine both will be keen to claim it and hope that increases their streaming of their songs”

We contacted various sources to get more information. Mr Diamond was unavailable for comment but we tracked down Lancashire’s premier tribute act Nearly Diamond and he was more than happy to give an opinion:

“Course its Sweet Caroline. Its one of the most singable songs in the history of songs. The storm will be a symphony dedicated to Neil’s greatness and there will be thunder and lightning flashes that will sound like the Ba-Ba-Baaaa bit in the chorus and it will be beautiful. As long as you wrap up warm, and buy my next single.”

We spoke to the Status Quo fanclub chairperson, Margarita Thyme, who was most insistent that her favourite combo were responsible for the name:

“Diamond my arse. Clearly its the best track from the Quo’s seminal album, Hello. It might be called Caroline but that song is clearly about snow, if you know what I mean,” she followed this last statement with a nudge and a wink.

“Clearly. Listen to it. Pity we arent gonna get covered in that in this storm cos that would certainly ease the pain. Although I dont like talking about the bands drug habits. Gets right up my hooter,” she cackled.

Some fans of more contemporary acts are claiming the storm was named after there act and we contacted the very popular Stormzy for a comment and he told us:

“Shut up”

When we approached the MET office for clarification they asked us not to waste their time whilst they prepare warnings for the public to stay safe and a spokesman to “Shut up.”

The debate is set to run on until Storm Def Leppard turns up.