Following recent reports that members of the cast of inexplicably popular BBC “comedy” Mrs Brown’s Boys have funds stored in offshore tax havens, The Rochdale Herald has learned of more allegations in relation to the team behind the Michael Gove endorsed programme.

The show starring Brendan O’Carroll was voted best situation comedy of this century, by people who weren’t sure what a sitcom was, and has amassed a fortune in DVD sales, a sell out tour and a movie. Whilst the mystery of how the heck that happened will probably never be answered, it has come to light that the writers have been saving their best stuff and just producing shows with the same gags and laboured stereotypes and swearing.

We spoke to a runner on the show who was happy to divulge everything he knew about the recent developments.

Ray Zasmile told us “Well, although it’s been reported today that no wrongdoing has taken place, I’d say nothing illegal has been done but there are three series, a tour and a film full of wrongdoing. Hasn’t made me laugh once. Oh no, that time the fire alarm went off during recording and we had to stop. That was fucking hilarious. Especially ‘cos they didnt catch me.”

He continued, well, actually started talking about the issue. “Anyway, it turns out the writers have been storing actual decent jokes offshore and there are scripts of genuine humour and genre defining jokes locked away in safety deposit boxes in Bermuda.

Cabinets full of decent scripts that could work really well and sharp humour rejected ‘cos it’s not as funny as a bloke in a dress apparently.”

There were also revelations of other items locked away. “Yeah, supposedly there’s a unit holding Boris Johnson’s sensitivity, one with Simon Cowell’s talent and whole warehouse that has a sign on saying Donald Trump’s dignity”

What this news does to affect the running of the show. Maybe one day it will actually be funny.