As the days pass and we see more and more terror attacks throughout the world, even though some aren’t called that by the media and some government officials, it’s unclear if some of them are planned and organised by terrorist groups or just random acts of violence by individuals.

So-so called IS have been very quick to claim responsibility for a lot of attacks with no real suppprting evidence leading to more chaos and confusion amongst the public and security services.

In this very uncertain time, it’s hard to feel safe or have any idea about who is threatening our safety.

But there are some things we can be sure about and The Rochdale Herald has obtained information about an act that looks beyond all doubt to have been carried out by the extremist group.

Dai Sunn who works at a local Electrical retailers who we can’t name for legal reasons called The Herald earlier to discuss:

“Yeah it looks like a member of Daesh was in the store yesterday. He first enquired about how easy it was to get at least 72 Virgin set top boxes but we didn’t sell those. He then produced an envelope with a dog-eared tear off slip from am old extended warranty. Turns out he had bought a super duper Zanussi 5 years ago and took out the ridiculously pricesd warranty and hadn’t used it and was claiming that back in full as per all that small print nobody reads.”

We then asked if we knew of future plans:” He confided in me that he had bought the machine but hadn’t actually used it yet and that it was just sleeping in another house and was waiting for the instructions which another member of the organisation hadn’t given him yet.

Once they arrived he was told to claim the warranty back then await further details. He then went to buy 200 bottles of fabric conditioner and them silly bits of paper you put in a dryer.”