Following news today that Prince William asked various drug users about their views on current drug laws, The Rochdale Herald was approached by a source close to royal.

Well, a source who knows someone who teaches karate to someone lives next door to someone cleans the Prince’s glassware.

This source rang us earlier to reveal that the Prince may have previous experience in herbalism. Sensei Miller told us: “Oh, I’ve heard he is a super toker, where do think all Big Ben’s bongs went?

There are frequent sessions I believe and the Prince has been known to utter the phrases “one is putting a mix on” and “there’s nothing wrong with a little Royal Highness”.

The Rochdale Herald was keen to investigate just how the illegal materials were acquired and also if it was limited to Cannabis.

“Oh, he’s a total pothead and nothing else apparently. He is into the homemade aspect of it and there are always plastic bottles of Fortnum and Masons mineral water cut up for actual gold bucket bongs. I heard he once made a bong out of his chopper.”

When pressed on sources for his hobby the fifth Dan told us: “He’s not fussy where he gets it from and has picked up loads of contacts on his travels. Gets sent it from everywhere from the top grade smoke from the Caribbean thru to dodgy council resin cut with plastic and shit. Sometimes he likes to pass the duchy of Cambridge on the left hand side.”