Following news reports of comments made by Old Screw Eyes, former chancellor of the Exchequer, serial job hoarder and moneybags George Osborne, it appears that he is for once actually following up a statement he has made by acting on it. Which would be quite encouraging of it wasn’t so bloody dark.

Following a discussion with colleagues doing all the work for him at the Evening Standard he has joked that he won’t rest till the undeniably stubborn stain on this country, the leather clad arsebiscuit that is Prime Minister Theresa May, is “chopped up in bags in my freezer”.

It’s not the first time he has made chilling remarks about her and this morning he was seen following up his comments and we could see some dramatic scenes.

The not at all bitter ex “politician” was seen with a basket selecting the items that Hannibal Lecter mentions in The Silence of the lambs but this time no census taker is the target. It appears that Mr Osborne is planning to have a strong and stable meal.

The cashier at the supermarket, Clarice, told us,

“I had already read the headlines when I was covering for Sue on the cigarette counter and then I had to cover Sue on the tills, bloody Sue, anyway he came in with just the beans and a bottle and a bag from B an Q with some gaffer tape and a mask in, he tried to bag up with out paying but I informed him that people actually pay for stuff and he just said “quid pro quo I suppose” and buggered off with an evil grin.

It was quite an eventful afternoon and I was shocked he hadn’t bumped into David Cameron in the meat aisle who was shopping for pork products again.”