Scottish Windfarm to re-open after summer recess

Nicola Sturgeon is to give a massive boost to renewable energy later today by droning on about the "way forward for Scotland" and as many IndyRefs as it will take to power the National...

To a POTUS – a poem by Rabbi Burns

To a POTUS Yon tangerine faced Yankee prick, that makes the people aw feel sick, who has a little tiny dick and a big red button He's welcome not on Scotland's shores and if he dare to knock our doors we'll...

Sturgeon Scotland Indyref Goes to Defcon Fandouble-Dozi

Nicola Sturgeon has told Theresa May that she is not "bluffing" on the promise of a second independence and has gone to Defcon Fandabidoubledozi! In an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr she squeaked a...

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