Nicola Sturgeon is to give a massive boost to renewable energy later today by droning on about the “way forward for Scotland” and as many IndyRefs as it will take to power the National Grid.

Ms Sturgeon had called for an independence referendum to be held in the autumn of next year or the spring of 2019 but it is clear that without repeated speeches and public appearances there just won’t be enough wind and hot air to go around.

But she has been considering her options since the SNP lost 21 seats in the election earlier this month and the outcome seems to be to do more of the same. Oh, and also to make the cutting off of dogs tails legal again in Scotland (that bit is actually true – you should totally look it up. I mean, like is that really the most important thing on the Holyrood agenda? It’s like suddenly supporting Fox Hunting or Ivory Trading).

Ms Sturgeon is expected to make a statement at Holyrood at about 14:20. And then again at 14.30, 14.40, 14.50 etc etc etc.

Ms Sturgeon has previously said that the prospect of an independence referendum was a factor in the election result, which saw her party’s share of the vote drop from 50% to 37%. But with North Sea Oil running out her constant droning could be a real energy alternative for Britain.