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Katie Price Fails 5 Minutes Into Her Attempt To Go A Whole Day Without...

Three days ago the former glamour model Katie Price, also known as Libya, attempted to last a whole day without doing anything to publicise...
Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth’s inheritance to be shown on conveyor belt for family members to remember

If the children of the late Sir Bruce Forsyth wish to inherit his estate, they must remember the individual parts of it that they...
Trump Supporters

52% Of Trump Supporters Can’t Find America On A Map

When it was pointed out to them exactly where America lay on the map, many of them seemed disappointed that it wasn’t the whole of North America from Mexico upwards.

Britain First Demands Mornington Crescent Be Renamed Mornington Cross

“If they want to have religious symbol in the name, they should rename it Mornington Cross, a proper Christian symbol, much more British,” Golding said.
Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott To Play Nigel Farage In Brexit The Movie

In a surprising turn, it has just been announced that a movie of Brexit is to be made and the part of Nigel Farage is...
Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt’s £44,000 office shower necessary for cleaning off his bullshit

“Of course Jeremy needs a shower for his office. He’s in it right now as a matter of fact. Every time he opens his mouth, he spews out so much utter bullshit that it gets all over him and he has to get cleaned up.”
Fat Man on Beach

I’m not an immigrant, I’m British says Britain First supporter who lives on the...

When asked what he would describe himself as, as an Englishman abroad, he will usually say something like: “Im an export int I”
Daily Mail

Daily Mail asking readers to buy two copies each

Pressure appears to be mounting in the offices of the Daily Mail, as their latest idea in an attempt to boost sales is to...

Beautiful young women on trial to be judged by ugly middle aged women in...

A new selection process has been announced for assigning judges to trials, taking into account both gender and aesthetics. This move will see all...
Ivanka and Donald Trump

Donald Trump ends democracy in America

I’ve decided Ivanka will come after me. I mean, she’s hot, and she has my gift with politics, so she’s the perfect choice

Anyone actively calling for a war to be automatically drafted to the front line

Anybody saying there should be a war may be required to put their money where their mouth is in future.  In a new bid to...

London not centre of Universe say astronomers

In a shock announcement today, astronomers have come out and stated categorically that London is not the centre of the universe. The BBC’s face of...
Castle in woods

Icons of children’s entertainment to take refuge for the rest of 2017

Children’s authors, presenters and actors are seeking hiding places for the rest of 2017, the Rochdale Herald has learned. This year has seen, in very...
Gun held in front of American flag

Trump makes it compulsory to carry guns in US

President Donald Trump has apparently just signed a new executive order making it compulsory for American citizens to carry guns about them at all...
Raining Money

FIFA launch investigation into DUP backhander scandal

The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA), have announced their intention to pursue a full investigation into alleged corruption in British politics, following the...

Theresa May’s password ‘strongandstable’ easiest to guess say hackers

In the wake of the recent cyber-attacks on parliament, we have learned a lot. For starters, the reason Theresa May keeps saying “strong and...


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