President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is demanding to know how to get in touch with the Ghostbusters, it has been alleged, following reports that he saw three spirits in his bedroom.

The tweet in question reads:
“Need Ghostbusters urgent! Somebody give me their number right away! Scared!”

A closer inspection of Mr Trump’s twitter feed revealed the answers to why he was demanding their services.

It would appear that last night he was visited by the ghost of Hugh Hefner, who warned him of what could befall him if he failed to change his ways, as reported in the following tweets:

“Hugh Hefner’s ghost just came and talked to me. Well, who else would he talk to? But he said I’d been bad. Fake news!”

“He then said there were three spirits coming to visit me to make me change my ways. He’s deluded. Sad.”

But apparently the spirits came anyway, according to these tweets:

“First ghost came, showed me all the fun things in my past. Why would I want to change that?”

“Second ghost came and showed me people all over the world celebrating Christmas. Some stupid people who don’t even have a million bucks in the bank. They’re doing it wrong.”

“Third ghost showed me a future with people dancing on my grave and cheering. Sad people. They need to change their ways.”

After this came the request for the services of the Ghostbusters. Well, who else was he gonna call?

There have been several replies claiming to be The Real Ghostbusters, or individual members of the group. Typical ones included:

“Sorry, these ghosts have wholly moral intentions so we can’t waste our valuable time on them.”


“Impossible. We caught Hugh Hefner’s ghost a few weeks back, and he’s not escaped.”

Looks like nothing’s going to be changing in the White House any time soon then.

Oh well, thanks for trying guys and ghouls.