A woman was rushed to hospital this week suffering from a rare allergic reaction to being overtly smug after completing all her food and present shopping ready for Christmas and bragging about it on Facebook.

Rochdale mother Wendy Youdoitt, 36 was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon with a rare case of egoitis, after bragging on social media about how all her festive shopping had been done.

Her neighbour, Shirley Knott, 43, had this to say to the Rochdale Herald:

“She was going on and on about how her kids’ presents had all been bought and how they were going to have the best Christmas of anyone with all the latest gadgets, her husband’s present was tucked away where he’d never think to look for it ,and all the food was ready in the freezer and the fridge, it was like Hyacinth Bucket! But then suddenly she just starts gasping for breath and scratching herself. Well, at first I thought it was just for more attention, then she actually collapsed, stone cold on the floor, and so I called an ambulance.”

The ambulance arrived promptly, and doctors were quick to diagnose the problem.

“She’s allergic to her own massive ego,” said Dr Will Curitt. “It’s a very rare disorder, and can sometimes lay dormant for years. It’s usually triggered by close proximity to someone with a massive ego. We understand that there’s been a sharp rise in cases in America since Donald Trump’s inauguration. In this case, she triggered it herself with her bragging about her Christmas shopping, although it had probably been simmering beneath the surface for a while.”

So what is the cure?

“There are two remedies,” Dr Curitt went on. “The first is a complete isolation from the person who caused this – which in this case is impossible as it’s herself.

“The second is a good, healthy slice of humble pie as one of her five a day.”