The first image of the official White House nativity scene has been released, and it is already causing quite a stir.

Every character in the scene is depicted by someone from the Trump administration, including Donald Trump’s own face on the baby Jesus.

Mr Trump had the following comment to make on the scene: “You know these days, you’ve seen one nativity scene, you’ve seen ’em all. I thought I’d do something different. So I thought of modernising it. I mean, why not? So I thought who to have as Jesus, and it could only be me, I mean, there’s no-one in the whole bigly world more worthy of that honour than myself, so why waste time thinking of other possibilities?”

In a bizarre twist, his daughter Ivanka and her husband are depicted as Mary and Joseph.
“I could have used my own parents, but hey, they’re not as famous, and besides, Ivanka is just soooo hot, she had to be the virgin Mary.”

Putting aside the Freudian connotations of this, the scene continues with shepherds depicted by members of the Trump cabinet including X, Y and Z.

The three wise men are the only characters depicted by people from outside the Trump administration, and bear the likenesses of Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage and Robert Mugabe.

“Great guys,” Trump said about them. “They were the best people I could think of for the wise men. Obviously they’re not as wise as me, but they’ll do.”

It remains to be seen how visitors will react to this bizarre tableau, but it is rumoured that Trump has already hired a whole firm of security guards just to protect it from potential vandals.