Simon Cowell’s stairs have received a Brit Award for their outstanding contribution to the music industry after the reality TV star was found unconscious at the bottom of them, it has been announced.

Judd Jim Fairley, a spokesman for the Brits, was interviewed by the Rochdale Herald on the matter.

“These stairs have done a great service,” he said, “and they are definitely going to receive an award at the next Brits ceremony.”

According to Mr Cowell, he was at the top of the stairs and suddenly felt faint, and collapsed all the way down them. The X Factor judge was rushed to hospital for a brain scan, although doctors were apparently unable to find one. Mr Cowell has also refused a transplant.

The staircase will receive a special plaque, along with some new carpeting made from banana skins, in recognition of its contribution to the music industry. Work is expected to start soon on the refurbishment.

“We’re tipping these stairs for even better success in the future,” Mr Fairley added. “So we’re giving them this in the hope that they’ll take it and do something really big with it. We have really high expectations on this one.”
We here at the Rochdale Herald are wishing that staircase luck in its future

adventures. Or perhaps, as it’s considered bad luck in showbiz to use such terms, we should simply say, break a leg.