Biscuit giant McVities have issued an urgent product recall of their chocolate hobnob range, after it was found that a recent batch of the chocolate-dipped biscuits had the chocolate on the wrong side.

Company spokesman Duncan Coffey issued the following statement to the assembled press at 9am today:

“Anyone in possession of chocolate Hobnobs displaying batch number HN2OB17 A through K is advised to return them to the shop from which they bought them at once. There was a terrible mixup at the factory, the biscuits were loaded the wrong way into the dipper, the chocolate is on the wrong side.”

It’s not the first time this has happened, as a batch of their Jaffa Cakes had the same problem in 2013, leading to severe deaths from embarrassment.

“My heart goes out to all the people affect by this. All those poor dinner party hostesses passing round the biscuits, or friends visiting for a cuppa, they could seriously die of shame. We don’t want that on our hands again, not after Jaffagate.”

Mr Coffey has also urged anyone feeling symptoms of acute embarrassment to seek immediate medical help. “We’re setting up a counselling hotline to help those affected,” he added. “The number is 0800-BISCUIT. And please, please, please return the biscuits quickly. You’ll be guaranteed a free exchange in the shops.”

Public are urged to act quickly on this to stop it from turning into a nationwide catastrophe.