Aussies can stay in Scotland

Gregg and Kathryn Brian and their son were given a last minute reprieve from being deported back to Australia from Scotland if Mrs Brian could find suitable employment when a walkabout pub was opened...

The Australian Federal Opposition has called for a Royal Commission into Royal Commissions

In an extraordinary turn of events in Australia Opposition Immigration Minister Aidan Androyd has declared the "necessity for this Royal Commission." "Well, I tried to implement a Royal Commission into the treatment of asylum seekers...

Straya, Blue Skies and Fascists

As the Federal Government makes further progress towards a Fascist state, it’s been a busy day in Australian politics.

Shortcake is nuttier than fruitcake – Parliamentary Inquiry finds

In another extraordinary turn of events in Australian, "She'll be right mate" politics, opposition leader, William Shortcake has been ridiculed in a Parliamentary Inquiry with an ironic twist.  Mr Shortcake demanded a Parliamentary Inquiry in...

Australia to import convicts and export coal – Says Turnbull 

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has left the G20 Summit with what he called a "stupendous new deal". After much grovelling to British Prime Minister, Theresa May, Mr Turnbull stated,  "When Britain leaves the EU...

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