Government to encourage more online petitions. 

Prime Minister Theresa May has today launched a new initiative which will encourage people concerned with issues affecting them, their communities and the country to start a pointless online petition to bring it to...

Rochdale Herald unaffected by patriotic Tory policy to censor Internet

Excellent Tory plan is embraced by all writers of most patriotic newspaper in North of England In response to a letter from that most patriotic of MPs, Chris Heaton-Harris, the Herald’s Editor Quentin D Fortesqueue,...

UKIP Conspiracy theorists claim Paul Nuttall is being erased from history

UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall PhD, is concerned that he is being erased from history by a shadowy group of leftist and liberal media conspirators.  He recently had to prove that he was present at the Hillsborough disaster in...

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