Wise Men slam ‘unreasonable expectations’ as ‘Virgin’ Mary’s first sausage is a foot-long manger...

Some wise men have today hit back at a high street bakers claiming that their 'Foot-Long Sausage Roll' creates unrealistic expectations about baked goods. Joseph, a carpenter and part time donkey jockey, explained. "At...

Rochdale Herald unaffected by patriotic Tory policy to censor Internet

Excellent Tory plan is embraced by all writers of most patriotic newspaper in North of England In response to a letter from that most patriotic of MPs, Chris Heaton-Harris, the Herald’s Editor Quentin D Fortesqueue,...

Local party member unsure whether Tory website hacked or just total bullsh*t

Following Friday's 'sustained and aggressive' cyber attack on Westminster, speculation mounts as to whether the official Conservative party website has been hacked and vandalised or is in fact just a huge pile of bolloc*s.  Local...

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