Rochdale was in turmoil last night after discovering that the last remaining person in the UK yet to watch Season 6 of Game of Thrones is living amongst them.

“I kind of got sidetracked by Brexit.” Steve Dickinson of Middleton. “I was just trying to work out what the Hell was going on and then, poof, I’d missed it.”

In an unbelievable turn of events it appears that Steve hasn’t seen a single episode of Breaking Bad either.

“I was just trying to educate myself really, you know, keep up with current affairs. I mean these are decisions that we’re making that’ll effect us for generations. Have you ever tried reading a copy of Private Eye cover to cover? It takes bloody ages, just when you’ve finished it they bring out another. There’s no chance I’m the only one, Ian Hislop can’t possibly have the time to have seen it.”

When pushed about House of Cards, Steve became visibly upset.

“I’ll get around to that after the US election, it can’t be any more bizarre than what’s going on in real life. I’ll watch it in my bunker and reminisce about the good old days when everywhere wasn’t radioactive.”