ISIS have released a statement taking responsibility for the latest Windows 10 update.

The religious group released a statement today saying, “The recent major update of the Microsoft Windows 10 that took 6-10 hours to perform was our vengeance on the infidels in the West. You will pay for your actions by being unable to access Instagram on your computers. These updates are the most devilish thing we have ever devised.”

The update began on Friday evening with users being unable to take to social media to vent their frustration until Monday.

One disgruntled customer told us, “The update began on Friday night. After 3 hours I gave up and left it to sort it’s self out whilst I went to bed. When I got up it was still going. Then, at about 11 it decides it needs to reset and reinstall. That took me to Sunday and then it did it again. I give up.”

Many users have reported not really knowing what to do with themselves over the weekend. One told us, “I had to talk to my family all weekend. It was horrible. I’m going to sue ISIS.”

The government have called an immediate investigation into how ISIS were able to design something so devastating. One insider said, “It nearly ground the NHS to a halt. They couldn’t print anything off on their computer so they could fax it to other departments.”

The issue comes as ISIS look increasingly defeated in Syria with many analysts saying that Windows 10 updates are clearly the last throw of the dice.