After celebrating the amazing success of Team GB at the Winter Games, winning 5 medals at a cost of only £28 million, the whole of Britain was inspired to stay at home when it snowed today.

One Rochdale man, Dave “Dave” Davidson, told the Herald that he watched the events on his HD ready TV at home and thought he might have a go.

“I went to Aldi for some skis and goggles, saw the snow coming down, thought ‘sod this’ and bought all the bread and milk in the corner shop.”

We spoke to Jane Smith, a Bolton mother of 4, “Winter Olympics is it? Don’t talk to me about the bloody winter olympics. My four kids think it’s great to slide down the stairs all day on a baking tray and now it’s bloody snowing so they have to stay in.”

Meanwhile, in Scotland, hundreds of people were stranded on motorways overnight even after the Met Office issued a Red weather warning.

Morag McGonagle from Auchtermuchty in Fife told The Rochdale Herald “They said only travel if it’s absolutely necessary and I fancied a fish supper.”