Viewers have reacted with shock after the new Winston Churchill biopic, Darkest Hour, depicted Britain’s former wartime Prime Minister having sex for two hours straight.

The movie, which was released on 12 January in the UK, had been billed as an epic tale of Britain and Churchill’s refusal to buckle before Nazi tyranny in 1940. However audiences were surprised when the Joe Wright movie, starring Gary Oldman, turned out to be one extended two hour sex scene involving the former Prime Minister.

Audience reaction has been divided, with the movie being described alternatively as “tasteless”, “a moral disgrace” and “the most erotic thing I’ve seen in years”.

Margery Adkins, a retired teacher from Hampshire, described the movie as “utterly, utterly disgusting” on the basis that “it’s an insult to depict our former Prime Minister with such a small dick.” This view was largely supported by a Mr N. Farage, a pensioner who identified as “single and skint”. He described the film as “100% unmitigated filth” before leaning in and explaining “and that’s why I loved it”.

Some historians have welcomed the film for offering a chance to introduce Britain’s greatest Prime Minister to a new audience. John Longwood, Professor of Modern History at the University of West Anglia (a collection of portaloo cabins just outside Cambridge) explained that the movie offers a “tremendous opportunity” for a “whole new generation of young people” to “get to know just about every inch of our famed wartime leader”.

This view has been supported by youth workers, including 19 year old Cleo from Peckham, who added that she was delighted to see a major movie “based around that dog from the car insurance advert” rather than “just another straight old white guy”.