In what has been seen as an homage to Brexit, Idris Elba is to take on the role of The Duke of Wellington in a new film, “Battle of Waterloo”.

Although some have called the casting controversial, Elba is to play one of Great Britain’s iconic figures in an upcoming film of the battle that ended Napoleon Bonaparte’s stranglehold on Europe. The battle took place at Waterloo in Belgium in 1815 after Napoleon had escaped from exile and recaptured Paris.

The Herald has learned that Guy Richie will be directing the action and other members of the cast will be announced soon.

The Herald’s entertainment correspondent, Brian Donut, reports, “Many will be surprised at the casting of a black actor in the role but Richie points out that no only is Elba one of Britain’s finest actors, he is the same age as the Duke was at the time of the battle.”

“Both are strong and fearless men who have succeeded in their chosen walks of life,” says Richie, “and I personally don’t see anything wrong with his casting, no more than having David Beckham as Trigger in my King Arthur film. ‘Dave?’, ‘Trigger?’ Geddit? Oh, please yourself.”

It has been pointed out that there is a major difference between the actor and the soldier. Richie is aware of this but doesn’t see a problem. “I know what you’re going to say. Wellington of course was born in Dublin, Ireland, Elba in Hackney. Idris has been working hard on the accent with his voice coach. He is also advancing well with his martial art training for the single combat scene with Bonaparte, and he has a surprisingly good singing voice.”

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