The BBC and producers of Prime Minister’s Question Time show, May the Queen Bee, have today apologised for an offensive penis that appeared in the background of a recent episode.

The episode was scrubbed from the streaming service earlier this week after an alert mother noticed the penis, clearly visible on the front benches, and posted it on social media.

A spokesman for the BBC said “An absolutely inappropriate image has been discovered on a daily basis throughout the series.” They said in a statement released to media this morning. “The origin of this image obviously results from a very bad joke from one of the 600 local Conservative Association working on Candidate Selection.”

According to the Sunday Times the BBC is looking for the culprit among the members of Surrey Heath Conservative Association, and that the MP was added during a long period in Opposition.

However they were quick to reassure the public that there would be no repeat. “There will be no repeat” said a spokesman. “Viewers can be reassured of that. We have to think of viewers and we need to get a firm grip on this penis and pull it off, hard and fast. This should be rubbed-off and vigorously” he continued.

May the PM is based on the 1949 children’s book “1984” by George Orwell and centres on a Queen Bee and her adventures in fox hunting, ivory trading, stealing lunches from children, backtracking on almost every policy and occasionally running through corn fields, although doing all of this in a very unconvincing fashion and increasingly looking on borrowed time.