In a surprising turn, it has just been announced that a movie of Brexit is to be made and the part of Nigel Farage is to be played by Diane Abbott MP.

Director Roger De Bris told the Rochdale Herald, “normally movies of real-life events aren’t made until well after the events come to their conclusion, but we’re making an exception here, because if we wait until the whole story unfolds, we won’t be able to give it a happy ending. So we’re doing something different.”

The film is to be the first movie undertaken by Mr De Bris, who shot to fame with the smash hit Broadway musical “Springtime For Hitler”. He has made a name for himself with unorthodox casting.

“Oh yes,” he said. “Never cast the obvious. You’d never catch me casting Piers Brosnan as James Bond for instance. Look for someone completely removed from the obvious and see what they can bring. Diane Abbott is perfect to play the part of Nigel Farage. She’s everything he isn’t, it’ll be a real acting challenge, but I think she can pull it off. She’s managed to play the part of an competent MP for some years now.”

The movie is apparently going to continue Mr De Bris’ tradition of doing it as a musical. He played me the big opening number, “Springtime For Merkel”, and I must say, it sounded very . . . grandiose.