Julian Assange has spent the weekend enjoying the bright sunny weather by sitting in a room in the Ecuadorian embassy with a window open.

The native of Ecuador told the Herald,

“This morning was very reminiscent of Canoa in September. I miss my homeland.”

It’s understood Mr Assange could smell a barbecue being held in a nearby garden.

He told the Herald, “The barbecue and smell made me remember the old days. Driving round the mountains of Ecuador in my camper van with my girlfriend. We’d Park up, have a barbecue then make love like a pair of gecko’s.”

Mr Assange also told the Herald how he has been disappointed by the latest series of Orange is The New Black.

“I’ve been eagerly waiting since last June to see how the season 4 stand off would be resolved. How was that believable? That riot went on for 13 episodes before they sent a swat team in. It’s a prison in America. In Waco they’d sent tanks in by episode 4. I’ve lost total faith in the writers. They’re going to have to do better in the next series.”

Mr Assange also told the Herald how he’s looking forward to Father’s Day.

He said, “I will Skype my son in the morning. It will be about eleven at night there. I’ll open the gifts he sent from Amazon.”

It’s understood Mr Assange’s son, Daniel has bought his father a bottle of whisky and a new golf club.

Julian said, “It was delivered on Friday. He has a Prime account so it only takes 24 hours. The sensation of the door opening down the corridor and the Ecuadorian staffer talking to the delivery guy was present enough.”

A spokesman for the embassy said,

“Last year Julian was a bit disappointed. Daniel bought him a new putter. It’s led to a new phrase in Ecuador about useless things being as much use a Julian Assange’s golf clubs.”