Voice mail enthusiast and professional shit stirrer, Piers Morgan, has been spotted scouring the bins behind a Lidl in Hammersmith.

The toe faced smarm slinger was said to look ‘visibly shaken’, as he frantically searched for the smirk that has been wiped off his face by Ariana Grande.

The male Katie Hopkins caused Controversy in the wake of the horrendous Manchester attack which claimed the lives of 22 innocent people.

Morgan decided to criticise Grande, herself a victim of the atrocity, for not visiting the children recovering in hospital who had attended her show, like the Queen who asked if they’d had a good time.

Not only did Ariana visit those children but she arranged a star studded concert tonight with all proceeds going to the victims of the attack.

Through tears of pain Ariana gave a stellar performance for the cause. She shared happiness tinted with sadness for the recent event.

However, no one is as sad as Piers Morgan, who was proven once again to be a bile filled rent a gob.