Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to characteristically behave like an utter tit today.

Morgan, whose only physical accomplishment of note was to fall off a Segway and break two ribs shortly after saying “you’d have to be an idiot to fall off a Segway” when George W Bush fell off one, tweeted that the only medals that matter at the Olympics are Gold medals.

Piers Morgan falling off a Segway

The whole world quickly took to Twitter to call him an “absolute twat” including Gary Lineker and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, who incidentally does have a Gold medal.

Morgan, who narrowly escaped prison on at least one occasion for insider trading after allegedly buying stock and then tipping that stock as a hot buy as editor of a national newspaper, is not really in a position to lecture anybody on the nature of competition, or decency for that matter.

How do you get sacked from a tabloid newspaper when they won’t sack editors for hacking the voicemail of murdered children? Ask Piers, he knows.

He now writes for the Mail Online. Says it all really.