Facebook is losing young users because they’re less susceptible to extremist clickbait than middle-aged idiots.

Suggestible older plonkers who can’t think for themselves are still joining the lucrative Russian mind control platform but young people appear to be more savvy to Vladimir Putin proxy Mark Zuckerburg’s questionable techniques.

Whether this is the result of good parenting, or rebellion against their demented parents is yet to be revealed.

Facebook executive and therefore inadvertent billionaire Donald McGuffin said, “This is bad news. We’re going to actually have to figure out how to coax these whippersnappers into our world but the fact that they’re thinking for themselves to differentiate between the utter shit we promote from all the other shit we promote is proving challenging for us.

“The bland pseudo internet we have created whilst holding a gun to your head so we can monetize the advertising and the promotion of your own websites in order to increase tax efficient income streams is really being compromised by young people thinking for themselves.

“God forbid what would happen if they actually voted! We’d probably end up having to pay tax or something! Ahaha!”